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CURV-O-MARK Wrap-A-Round rulers help pipe fitters and welders do their job more easily.


The Wrap-A-Round is simply slipped over the pipe and rotated until the desired measurement is obtained. It's that easy! No more guessing or fumbling with tape measures.


  • Accurate measurements in any position

  • Range of sizes available to work with specific pipe diameters

  • Constructed of flexible gasket material

  • Precision printed, easy to see markings

  • Each provides measurements in inches, inch chart, tangent etc


  • No more guessing or errors

  • Faster and more efficient than a tape measure

  • Will last for a very long time, with proper care

  • Can be used by anyone, from professional pipe fitters and welders, to DIYers

  • Markings are permanent and easy to read

  • High resistance to the cold and heat

With a range of sizes and measurements available, you're sure to find the perfect CURV-O-MARK Wrap-A-Round for your pipe-related projects.

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