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Get ready for unparalleled precision with your pipe work, welding and fabrication projects with Orbitalum tungsten electrode grinders.


These tungsten electrode grinders are specifically designed to provide accurate grinding of tungsten electrodes, ensuring consistent and reliable results every time.


With a range of sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect tungsten electrode grinder to meet your unique needs and requirements.


Upgrade your pipe work game with Orbitalum's tungsten electrode grinders


  • This grinding wheel is diamond coated for strength and durability

  • The ESG Plus head can be used with electrodes of different angles and diameters.

  • A/C motor with an electronic R.P.M. controller


  • Durable and long lasting

  • The perfect, hand held grinders for cutting & grinding electrodes

  • Different sizes and models to choose from

  • Work alongside WIG/TIG welding machines

Used across the world in the welding industry, Orbitalum Tungsten Grinders are recognised as being the perfect tool for precision grinding of tungsten electrodes.


If you're looking for a durable and long lasting tungsten grinder, look no further than Orbitalum.

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