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Need an easy way to centre pipes? Check these out

Whether you’re dealing with small or large diameters, CURV-O-MARK centering heads are the perfect choice to elevate your projects and enhance pipework efficiency.

They assist in accurately setting centre lines, establishing angles and marks for butt-ins, locating points inside pipes and tanks, laying out keyways and measuring declivity.


  • Centre lines are easier to align

  • They aid in establishing angles, and marks for butt-ins

  • Finds the locating points within pipes and tanks

  • Lays out keyways and measuring declivities on the workpiece.


  • Easily align pipes, without wasting unnecessary time 

  • Each and every measurement is fully precise

  • Ideal for any level of project

  • A reliable, long lasting solution, as it is created with hard-wearing aluminium 

No matter what your project entails, CURV-O-MARK offers the perfect centering head for the job.

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