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Has your tool seen better days? Perhaps it's time for a repair

Prolong your tools’ peak performance, without costly replacement!

Our highly skilled technicians, who have been factory-trained work their magic to breathe new life into worn-out tools. 

They ensure that your trusty tools continue to deliver the performance you rely on every single day.

What We Offer

  • Full rebuild services
  • Part installations
  • Electrical repairs
  • Drive/motor renewals
  • Cleaning/maintenance

How It Works

  1. Bring your equipment in for a free diagnosis and repair recommendation from an expert. 
  2. Choose the ideal restoration option tailored to your usage levels 
  3. We work on restoring your cherished tools and give them back to you, as good as new!

Your trusty tools shouldn't retire, they deserve a fresh lease on life! Discover how our skilled technicians can lend a hand.

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