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Make perfect, precision adjustments to your pipe flanges

CURV-O-MARK pipe flange aligners help you make perfect, precision adjustments to your pipe flanges – ensuring a safe and secure connection every time.

With different sizes and styles available, you can be rest assured that you will find the right flange aligner for your projects.


  • Adjustable set screws to make small, precise adjustments

  • Rounded tips on the set screws to avoid damage to the pipe flanges

  • Durable construction & long-lasting 

  • Available in different sizes to fit projects

  • Can be used on both raised and flat-face flanges


  • Achieve a perfect connection every time

  • Removes the difficulty of flange aligning and squaring

  • Made of durable & lightweight aluminium

  • Faster and more efficient than other methods

  • Will last for a very long time, if you take care of your flange aligner

Browse our selection of CURV-O-MARK pipe flange aligners today to find the perfect one for your next project.

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